In the Holiday Spirit? Check out our selection of 5 rugs for you and your loved ones.

It's never too early to find the perfect Christmas gift for those you love (including yourself)!

The holiday season is the perfect time to spread love and joy and we are here to help! As health and safety measures continue to limit gatherings and travel, why not bring a vibrant piece of the world home! We know that this holiday season will be unlike any other, but it can still be special, let us help you add international flair to your holidays.

Here at Qarrya Home, we curate unique handmade vintage rugs that can transport you to a foreign land and fill your home with beauty and comfort. We are drawn to the unusual, flecks of character and quirkiness are a small part of the magic that is at the heart of Moroccan rug making.

Check out our holiday gifts selection, 5 of our favorite rugs that embody the spirit of the holidays and beyond.

No two rugs are the same, so get yours before it's gone.

The Dades Rug: Berbet Art at its finest

Named after the Dades Gorges, a series of gorges naturally carved by the Dades River in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, DADES is made of natural wool and showcases the finest of geometric Berber designs and the strength of natural dyes, all created by one loving hand. Its vivid blue tone, tribal motifs and vintage charm are what rug dreams are made of. 

Gift DADES to a loved one this holiday season and be sure to brighten up their day, everyday!

The Amina Rug: Majestic is an understatement

AMINA is a unique Azilal rug. Simple yet sophisticated, AMINA is a vintage Moroccan rug made from the highest quality natural wool, by the loving hands of a Berber woman weaver.
Combining soft colors and fine Berber symbols, she is a one-of-a-kind beauty. ⠀

Meaning “Trustworthy” in Arabic, you can trust this beauty to last a lifetime in the home of that special person you want to spoil this year!

Aya Rug: Dreaming in color 

Meaning “Fabulous” in Arabic, this Azilal rug is indeed a fabulous blend of vibrant colors. Carefully picked from the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, this Vintage Moroccan rug looks like a painting on the floor. Combining Berber symbols, a bold color palette and even bolder patterns, it will certainly add an authentic element to any space, instantly making it feel curated and unique.

Wouldn’t AYA be the perfect holiday gift? She will certainly add a splash of fun and color in the life of its new lucky owner! 

Farah Rug: A grand affair

Meaning “Happiness” in Arabic, FARAH brings light, warmth and joy to any space. Handwoven in dominant red from natural wool in the Azilal region of Morocco, this unique work of art showcases an abstract composition exhibiting a variety of colorful Berber symbols alternated with floating lines complemented by an irregular fringe finish on one end. She is truly an artistic feast for the eyes.

Get FARAH and give yourself or your loved ones the gift of wonder and authenticity this season!

Jamil Rug: Never too bright, never too bold

JAMIL is a color drenched Vintage Azilal rug that rightfully carries its name, JAMIL means "Beautiful" in Arabic. Sourced directly from a family of Berber weavers in Morocco, this bold beauty was made by hand and the vivid colors were created naturally by dyeing wool with plants and spices to create this stunning rainbow rug!

JAMIL is a vibrant but cozy color drenched rug that will certainly add some interest underfoot.

Whether you treat yourself or someone special with this vintage Moroccan rug, you can be sure it will be the star of any holiday event this year!

At Qarrya Home, we search Morocco and bring the most unique, ever-changing collection of intricate and rare pieces to your home. By curating unique Moroccan rugs, we spread the stories of Berber women that have been handweaving rugs for hundreds of generations, one knot at a time.

What better time than the holiday season to splurge on unique and authentic handmade Moroccan rugs and treat yourself and your loved ones while supporting the community that help keep this ancestral craft alive?

Whether it’s a Christmas gift for the holiday season or a gift for a special occasion, Qarrya rugs make meaningful presents and inspire future adventures for all those suffering from wanderlust while stuck home this year!

Are you ready to make someone feel super special during the holiday season? Head to our Shop and get your favorite rug before someone else does!



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