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Choosing the perfect Moroccan rug for your Bathroom

Who said bathrooms should be cold and sterile? Why should the traditional bathmat be the only use of a rug in a bathroom?

One way to add contrast and character to your bathroom is with a one-of-a kind Moroccan rug.

Authentic Moroccan Berber rugs are made from wool, a natural self-cleaning and durable material. They are naturally stain-resistant and water-repellent and their vibrant colors look lovely against tiles, marble, or any type of floor for that matter, making them an ideal addition to your bathroom!

And while the most practical among us may raise an eyebrow at the thought of throwing a handmade Moroccan rug down in the bathroom, we say, think of it as a luxurious bathmat that will soften the blow when one is forced to leave the warm shower or relaxing tub!

A Moroccan rug will certainly turn the transient space that is the bathroom into a real room. After all, it is the first room you step into when you wake up and the last room you see before bed, it could stand to have a little more glamour. If you're searching for that perfect rug to complete you and your bathroom, here are a couple tips on how to make it work: 


Image via Chango & Co.

Go for bold and colorful

We love a colorful bathroom and if you want yours to look bright and fresh, use a color drenched Moroccan rug with vibrant and rich hues. It will make a bathroom look truly distinctive and will definitely bring visual and physical warmth to the space.

Play with patterns

If you are looking to create a real boho aesthetic, go for several small patterned rugs, layered over each other, it’s an easy way to bring pattern and vibrance to the space.

If you opted for patterned tiles in the bathroom, they happen to pair beautifully with an equally patterned rug. The look is simply stunning and creates lots of visual interest.

All in all, pattern on pattern or carpet on tile, it all works!

For small bathrooms

The first instinct you might have is to go small and minimal, but we suggest you do the opposite, go big! The “area rug as bathmat” concept is not a new one and a larger rug will provide a sense of grandeur to the often forgotten room of the home.

For long and narrow bathrooms

Runners look great in bathrooms and are often less expensive and more eclectic than area rugs. They cover the floor without creating a wall-to-wall carpet look and they ground the space and make it feel even longer!

Wanna give it a try? Get in touch and we’ll help you pick!


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