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Qarrya is a Traveler... 

Meryem always finds beauty in the adventure, the unusual, the imperfect, the one-of-a-kind. Through Qarrya Home, she aims to curate precious findings, that can transport you to a foreign land and fill your home with beauty, comfort and wonder, tickling your senses while sparking curiosity and conversation.

Qarrya is a Storyteller…

At Qarrya Home, we love showcasing pieces with a rich history. Each piece is unique, with its own flaws and marks, telling its story.

These unique pieces often feature mythical symbolism and reflect its makers’ everyday lives and rich tribal culture. These traditional art forms materialize in patterns, colors and symbols that can represent spirituality, fertility, good fortune, divine blessing or simply natural elements that bless their lives. Each piece is open to your own interpretation of its connection to you, its lucky owner.




Qarrya is a Community... 

By curating an ever-changing collection of rugs, Qarrya  Home will continue to spread the stories of small remote communities of Berber women, employing centuries-old techniques in the intimacy of their homes. These artisans have been handweaving rugs for hundreds of generations, tamping down each yarn with a heavy wool comb, one knot at a time. Nurturing relationships with the makers, we are invested in their stories and committed to making their growth and well-being a priority by supporting their traditional craft.

Qarrya is a Matchmaker…

When searching for our rugs, we are drawn to the unusual and even the imperfect. Flecks of character and quirkiness are a small part of the magic that is at the heart of this ancestral craft.

We believe in the power that unique objects can have in our everyday lives and so we look for rugs that are made with heart, soul and passion, rugs that combine aesthetics and functionality, rugs that are meant for the buyer who understands the deep meaning of our journey and who appreciate the amount of work, skill and dedication that goes into handmaking such exquisite treasures.



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