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Giving Back

At Qarrya we give back to the women that give us so much by championing organizations that set out to improve their well-being. A portion of all sales is donated to Education For All, a charity focusing on the education of women and girls in remote areas of Morocco.

There are strong socio-cultural barriers that make it difficult for young girls and women to achieve literacy or further their education beyond primary school levels in remote areas of Morocco. Supporting the right organizations can go a long way to combat the lack of access to education, break barriers and help build opportunities for these women.

In Morocco's rural areas 83% of women are illiterate. In many remote regions the education of young girls is not prioritized due to cultural attitudes. Today, national school curriculums are taught in Arabic, not Berber, which is the language spoken in these regions.  In addition, transportation is limited so even getting to school is a significant barrier. Founded in 2007 in response to the high illiteracy rates among women and girls, Education For All (EFA) provides a way for girls in remote areas of Morocco to access an education and prepare for successful careers. All of EFA’s girls hail from the High Atlas region and are Berber – the indigenous people of Morocco.

“EFA currently supports 192 girls across 5 safe boarding houses, each of which is managed by local house mothers. Girls have access to books and computers, receive 3 meals a day, and benefit from additional study support. They are also able to return home to their families every weekend. The results of this program are impressive, with the girls' test scores more than double the national average. Each house is managed and staffed entirely by local Berber women: one house mother, one chef, and one house cleaner. With every new house comes opportunity not just for young Moroccan girls, but also for the local women who EFA employ, empower, and hold as role models for the next generation.”

Source: Education for All


 “It is Qarrya’s way of giving back to its village, empowering it to grow stronger, happier and more independent, one rug at a time.” 

Meryem Chouirf-McClintock



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