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“Qarrya Home was born from a love affair with my motherland, the warmth of its people, the richness of its traditions, the vibrancy of its colors and the uniqueness of its handcraft. Qarrya Home is about diving into Moroccan culture, supporting female empowerment and deeply appreciating the charm of unique and authentic handcraft.”

Meryem Chouirf-McClintock


Born and raised in Rabat, Morocco, Meryem left home as a young adult to pursue her college education abroad. She lived in several different countries and cities, spending most of her time in Paris and Hong Kong, before settling in New York City. After years travelling for her career in the design industry, she felt a strong desire to reconnect with her Berber roots. Always an avid student, she has an insatiable appetite for learning about ancestral traditions and has a particular interest in Berber traditions and stories as they are all ultimately her traditions and history. Naturally, being passionate about art and design, she was particularly drawn to the intricate and mysterious centuries old techniques used by artisans across the country to create what is now globally known as “Moroccan design”.

During Meryem’s journey through her history, she was inspired by the vital role Berber women play in preserving their traditions, while caring for their families under circumstances and living conditions that may be harsh. It did not take her long to launch Qarrya Home, an initiative aiming to help support these remote communities and share their exceptional work with the world.

Meryem is also a certified yoga teacher. She is the founder of Qarrya Retreats, a yoga and wellness retreats platform created to transport yogis outside of their studios to further develop their practice while discovering the colorful and enchanting landscape that is Morocco.


 "The desire to help these incredible women preserve their ancestral techniques and support their families while sharing authentic pieces of Moroccan tradition led me to launch Qarrya Home." 

Meryem Chouirf-McClintock




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