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Fancy a cup of Moroccan Tea?

Mint tea is a staple of Moroccan life. In fact, it is the national beverage, a symbol of legendary Moroccan hospitality. It is served at mealtimes and all throughout the day. Steeped in ritual and ceremony, it is not only served in homes, but also in a local shop while you are going through a myriad of rugs.

Sweet Heat!

Moroccan tea preparation can be sacred and private; however, presenting and pouring is a time-honored performance. Both the tea and its pouring ceremony differ throughout the country. For instance, in the South, the tea is presented with the pot’s spout placed close to the tea glasses. As the host pours, he increases the distance before returning the pot to the lip of the glass in a grand gesture. This display, meant to honor the guest, also serves to aerate the tea, adding froth and texture to its surface.

Refreshing, energizing and warming at the same time, Moroccan mint tea is perfect for every season and every occasion.

Want to try it out?

Here is our recipe:

You need the following ingredients: Gunpowder green tea, fresh mint, sugar and hot water.

Ideally, you’d have a Moroccan tea pot. Authentic Moroccan tea pots are handmade with stainless steel or silver plated. They are resistant to heat, very durable, affordable and decorative. Definitely not a kitchen investment you would regret!

But do not worry if you do not have one, you can still get some of that special taste everyone craves in Moroccan mint tea!



Photos By Issy Croker

Now onto the preparation…

  1. Start by boiling water.
  2. Depending on the size, add two to three tablespoons of gunpowder green tea to the teapot and pour in just enough boiling water to cover it. Leave it to sit for about a minute then pour all of the water out into a glass. This is considered the "soul" of the tea, it will go back into the pot later.
  3. One more time, cover the now wet green tea with boiling water and let it sit for about minute then pour all the water out and discard it.
  4. Add boiling water until the teapot is about two-thirds full, pour the “soul” of the tea back into the pot and place it on a burner over medium heat. Once bubbles start forming on the surface, add the fresh mint and sugar.
  5. Once it comes to a boil, remove the tea pot from the burner.
  6. Instead of stirring, Moroccan tea is traditionally mixed by pouring the boiling tea into a glass and pouring the tea back into the pot. Repeat this process a few times. 

Photo By Ann Street Studio


Photo By Maryse & Cocotte

Gather your family and friends and fill two-thirds of each glass. Try to pour the tea half an arm's length above each glass to get a nice foamy head. The sweet fragrance of fresh mint will fill the air. 

For the full Moroccan experience, serve the tea with dried fruits and nuts or sweet pastry while lounging on low leather poufs or thick pile Berber rugs.

As we travel across Morocco handpicking every one of our rugs, we enjoy experiencing all the traditions and ceremonies that make our homeland such a fascinating place and we love sharing our experience to transport you to the land of tastes and colors!

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