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WFH: How to spruce up your Home Office space

With the new normal requiring almost everybody to work from home, some are loving the whole new set up. No more inconvenient commute and you can work comfortably from home. But many are already feeling very confined at home. So why just wait and wallow in the sense of powerlessness? One way to surely ease the situation is to revamp your space, particularly your home office space.

Designing a home office is a lot different than designing a standard office. How do you make sure your workspace stays true to your personality, while still offering an atmosphere that promotes focus? Well, allow us to help!

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Add Inspiration…

Regardless of the size of the space, you can always give it extra appeal with fun wall art. Most of us miss traveling so why not reminisce past adventures by putting your travel pictures on display.  

No matter what your office is like, try to incorporate a plant or two. Greenery is much more than just decoration, it increases humidity naturally, reduces stress, boosts productivity and improves your overall quality of life as you work from home.

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… And comfort

And don’t stop there, now is the time when a newer and more comfortable office chair is worth investing in. You spend hours parked in your office chair; a beautiful, ergonomically correct, comfortable seat is worth every dime.

To add more character, consider investing in a vintage desk light. The brighter the room, the easier it is to work.

If you feel like something is still amiss, you can look into adding a rug. Never underestimate a rug’s power to instantly give your room a facelift as it adds color, texture, and comfort.  And if we had to choose, we’d go for a Vintage Moroccan rug as we know for a fact that it will make a huge statement and stand out from the rest of the home.

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Why a Moroccan rug?

Moroccan rugs have been gracing the floors of some of the most coveted homes and hotels worldwide. They are made of naturally dyed sheep wool, they come in all shapes, textures and colors and have become a favorite among designers, here are just a few of the many reasons why.

No matter your design style, these traditional Moroccan rugs are truly timeless. Unlike other mass-produced carpets, authentic Berber rugs will never look shaggy but will only grow more beautiful through time. Loomed by hand, each rug holds is unique, having different colors, shapes, and patterns, with meaning filled and intentional Berber symbols.

 Image by Fran Parente
Image by Inez and Vinoodh

Choosing and Styling Moroccan Rugs in your Home Office

There are no hard rules on choosing the right Moroccan rug for your home office. It is after all your own space and you have all the freedom to follow your heart’s desires. But like designing any other room, there are guiding tips that will make your rug hunting easier, here are a few of them:

  • Choose the right size

A rug is a significant focal point in any room so it’s best to find the perfect size that will tie the room together perfectly. For a small space, you don’t want a rug that will overwhelm the area. You also don’t want a small rug that will appear as a tiny island, lost in a huge home office space. You can add texture and make an oversized minimalist room more put together by having a large traditional Moroccan rug as your centerpiece.


  • Complement the space & furniture

The rug should particularly complement your desk. If you opt for small rugs, they should be at least bigger than your desk in size. If you have a small office space, a rug that covers more area than your desk will make the room look bigger.

You can also place a large base layer just to help frame a big room and place a smaller Moroccan rug on top to make it stand out. The base layer could be plain, but you cannot go wrong with layering two different patterns as it will only give a more eclectic look. 

FAYZ Vintage Tifelt Handwoven rug by Qarrya Home 
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  • Dare colors

For a boldly painted home office, a commanding and vibrant rug, like a saturated Beni Mguild, can work great. Just make sure the colors compliment the overall color scheme, if any. A rug with bold colors can also instantly liven up an otherwise plain space and help create a cozy environment.

A more neutral rug, on the other hand, can soften any room with dark-colored walls. They also work well for a minimalist neutrally painted office. If you happen to prioritize comfort and serenity, handwoven Moroccan rugs, like a classic Beni Ourain in beige hues with simple lines, are the best fit for you.

Do not be afraid to play with colors. You just have to find a balance that is just right.


  • Play with multiple rugs

You can also mix and match two vintage Moroccan rugs or more to form one or have them side by side to cover a larger space. Not every home has a designated room for an office and two different rugs can work great to divide an area especially if your workspace is also in your living space or in your own bedroom. A separate rug can separate your workstation from the rest of the room making it a more intimate space.

Image via Style By Emily Henderson


Moroccan rugs have an endless variety of designs to choose from and they work wonders for creating a unique workspace. These are only tips but at the end of the day choose the one that speaks to you.

The natural wool with which Berber rugs are made makes them durable and you should be able to love the piece that you chose for a lifetime. Moroccan rugs are not only durable but can easily be cleaned, and that is another major plus. They are also plushy so you may also sit on them comfortably if you feel like lounging on the floor in the middle of a stressful workday.


There are many possibilities for design upgrades in a home office, you just have to look for the right furniture and materials, and one can never go wrong with adding Moroccan rugs. 

Looking for the perfect Moroccan rug to compliment your home office space? Discover our collection of one-of-a-kind handmade Moroccan rugs here or get in touch and we’ll help you pick!



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